JSWE, Winter 2002, Issue 38.1

  • release dateWinter 2007
  • volume38
  • number1
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    JSWE Submission Suggestions for Statistical Methods

    During the last year, articles submitted to the Journal of Social Work Education (JSWE) were not only reviewed through standard channels but, as is the custom of some medical journals (e.g., BMJ), the Editor-in-Chief asked that relevant submissions be statistically reviewed and detailed comments provided to the authors. Through this process, JSWE?s statistical reviewers have developed a set of good practice guidelines, which are set forth below. The guidelines fall into three general areas: (1) description of the sample and data, (2) discussion of statistical model choice and test statistics used, and (3) model interpretation and presentation of results. It is the opinion of the statistical reviewers that developing guidelines for good practice in empirical research is more relevant now than ever. The information technology revolution over the last 15 years has made available to researchers huge and complex administrative databases and an ever-growing arsenal of computer-intensive stat Read More

    Author: Aron Shlonsky, Amy D'Andrade, and M. Alan Brookhart

    JSWE, Winter 2002, Issue 38.1

    Release date: Winter 2007

    Volume: 38

    Number: 1