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2012 Volunteer of the Year

CSWE member volunteers are critical to the work of CSWE, and each can have a significant effect on the social work education profession. The CSWE Volunteer of the Year Award, established in June 2012 by the board of directors, is given annually to highlight the exemplary work of a CSWE volunteer whose commitment to the CSWE mission is noteworthy and inspiring. This may be evident by consistent high-quality contributions to one or more CSWE initiatives or through providing dependable, visionary leadership to a volunteer group. This year’s awardee has attained success in both areas.

Tracey Mabrey, associate professor at DePaul University, is being honored as the 2011–2012 CSWE Volunteer of the Year. Mabrey has served as chair of the Council on Conferences and Faculty Development (CCFD) since 2007. The work of CCFD is far reaching in terms of working with staff to implement our Annual Program Meeting (APM). The APM is the premier national meeting in the social work education field. More than 3,000 social work educators, administrators, practitioners, students, and other key decision makers from across the country and around the world attend APM each year, making it the largest gathering of its kind. While APM only lasts for 4 days, the preparation for the meeting is year-round. In fact, Mabrey has a bimonthly standing call with CSWE staff throughout the year.

As CCFD Chair, Mabrey works with the volunteers who comprise the council as well as those who chair each of the 40 APM tracks. She also meets with other volunteer groups as requested to address relevant concerns or question about APM. In addition to volunteers, Mabrey works closely with CSWE staff during all phases of the APM planning and execution processes. As the initial bridge between the staff and volunteers who work on the APM, her role is demanding and she consistently meets the expectations of both parties.

As CCFD chair, Mabrey has contributed to, if not spearheaded, many of the new events and improvements implemented at APM over the past 5 years. For example, in the past year alone she has worked diligently to support and integrate the SAGE/CSWE Teaching Innovation Award within APM operations, including showcasing  the two recipients at APM.

Based in Chicago at DePaul University, Mabrey’s impact on social work education stretches around the country. Her generous commitment of time and leadership is making CSWE a stronger stakeholder in social work education—and her efforts are much appreciated.