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Application: 2013 SAGE/CSWE Award for Innovative Teaching in Social Work Education

Online Application Cycle Opens Monday, May 20, 2013
Submission Receipt Deadline is 11:59 pm (USA ET) on Friday, June 14, 2013

A. Overview

The annual SAGE/CSWE Award for Innovative Teaching in Social Work Education is presented by SAGE, working in collaboration with the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). This award was established in February 2012 to honor and recognize innovative teaching in social work education. The award's purpose is to

  • promote innovative teaching in social work by highlighting it as it emerges, and
  • recognize the individuals who have played significant roles in bringing it about.

For the 2013 award cycle applications will be submitted online at 2013 SAGE/CSWE Award; both a completed application form and submitter vita will be uploaded as part of the submission process to be considered for the 2013 award. Two recipients (or teams) will be awarded and recognized each year for outstanding contributions to social work education. Learn more about the first recipients of this award at 2012 SAGE/CSWE Award for Innovative Teaching.

B. Applicants and Nominees

Any individuals currently engaged in social work education at the undergraduate, graduate, and/or continuing professional education levels may be nominated. The awards are intended to recognize individuals, working alone or in concert, in social work or interdisciplinary and interprofessional where social work is present in those settings.

Nominees may be self-referred or recommended by colleagues, students, administrators, or others familiar with the nominee’s work. They may include teachers, administrators, or designers of social work-relevant educational programs. Nominations are not limited to persons who are members of CSWE who work in the United States, or are authors who have published with SAGE. Efforts will be made to attract both new and veteran nominees whose efforts reflect sensitivity to diversity issues, and whose work has implications that cut across method and field specializations. Nominees will be required to submit summaries of the work to be assessed.

C. Thematic Foci

The three themes identified for the 2013 awards follow. Applicants will be required to select one of them during the online application submission process

  1. Student learning as a collaboration from classroom to classroom: Social work education requires the integration and creative cross-application of knowledge and skills gained from content areas within and external to the profession. Applicants for this award should successfully demonstrate how their teaching enhances student collaborative learning from classroom to classroom.
  2. Innovation in teaching social work education-related policies: Social workers must include policy knowledge and advocacy in their practice, and social work academicians must be creative in equipping students for this competency given the ubiquity of social policies and the increasingly dysfunctional political arenas. Applicants for this award should clearly demonstrate teaching for policy connected to social work practice and advocacy transcends traditional academic or professional divisions.
  3. Promoting inclusion (Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 [ADA]) in teaching field education as a means of meeting competencies: As the signature pedagogy of the profession, field education carries the responsibility of theory and application within the discipline. Applicants for this award should demonstrate how field-based education demonstrates broad and multiple layers of inclusion across the curriculum.

D. Selection Criteria

Three criteria will be used in selecting award recipients:

  1. Effectiveness
  2. Transferability
  3. Significance

Effectiveness criteria will be used to measure the innovation-in-teaching’s impact on the learners, the institution in which it takes place, or both. Transferability refers to the extent to which the innovation can be extended to other settings (e.g., from one course or institution to another or from the classroom to the field). Significance refers to the importance or consequence of the innovation to be social work education and to social work practice.

E. The Award--More Than a Ceremony

Two recipients will be announced by August 9, 2013, and presented at the CSWE 2013 Annual Program Meeting (APM) prior to the Special Plenary Session on November 1, 2013. Recipients will be encouraged to present their innovations in one of two workshop formats during that same APM.

These workshops will bring together awardees and other nominees to exchange ideas on innovations in social work education that lead to innovations in social work practice. They will be scheduled to enable the award winners to demonstrate how their innovations work and engage participants in related activities.

Awardees will receive a complimentary registration to APM (one per individual award or up to two per team award provided by CSWE), and travel and lodging will be paid for up to $1,500 per individual or team by SAGE Publications. In addition, the awardees will receive $500 worth of SAGE books or journals.

F. Questions

Please direct questions about this award to the APM mailbox and they will be forwarded to the appropriate staff contact.