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Carl A. Scott Memorial Lecture Series


In recognition of Carl A. Scott's groundbreaking contributions to CSWE and the profession of social work, the Carl A. Scott Memorial Lecture was established to continue his legacy of equity and social justice in social work through building knowledge and furthering the well-being of individuals and their communities. A list of the previous Carl A. Scott Memorial lecturers is available here.

Lecturers are individuals who are exemplars of inclusive excellence and bring an innovative perspective on diversity, equity, and inclusion in social work education. 

Selection Criteria

Selection is based on each nominee’s body of scholarly work, which should demonstrate

  • accomplishments consistent with the values of social work education, research, and practice;
  • a focus on equity, diversity, and social, economic, and environmental justice;
  • a seminal contribution to human rights in social work education and/or practice;
  • attention to critical issues of our time; and 
  • a connection to the conference theme, Leading Critical Conversations on Racial, Economic, and Environmental Justice

Carl A. Scott joined CSWE in 1968, a turbulent time in our country’s history, as a senior consultant on minority groups. He championed CSWE’s early efforts to promote human diversity in social work education by securing funding to recruit minority group students and faculty members. With initial funding from the National Institute of Mental Health, Scott single-handedly developed CSWE’s Minority Fellowship Programs, which are among CSWE’s most vibrant and highly regarded activities. Numerous former fellows now serve as deans, directors, and faculty members in schools and departments of social work.

In recognition of Mr. Scott’s groundbreaking contributions to CSWE and the profession, the Carl A. Scott Memorial Fund was established to continue the legacy of equity and social justice in social work through building knowledge and furthering the well-being of individuals and their communities.

2021 Lecturer: Dr. Darlyne Bailey

The 2021 Carl A. Scott Lecturer will be Darlyne Bailey, PhD, professor and dean emeritus; director, Social Justice Initiative; and special assistant to the president for community partnerships at Bryn Mawr College, Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research. The 2021 Carl A. Scott Lecture will be held on Friday, November 5, 2021, at 9:00 AM during the 2021 Annual Program Meeting in Orlando, FL. 

Lecture Information

Title:"What if? The Transformative Powers of Hope and Possibility."

The multidimensional COVID-19 statistics remain staggering and unforgettable. Relatedly, 2020 is memorialized for bringing into indisputable awareness the historic “macro viruses” of our country’s numerous manifestations of inequalities and disparities, with racial inequities at the center of them all. From the outset, these traumas were exacerbated by unrelenting vitriolic messages, further igniting feelings and behaviors of anger, confusion, and, most notably, fear. This Carl A. Scott Memorial Lecture will acknowledge these realities and the multigenerational longevity of their impacts. Dr. Bailey will suggest that the movement from identifying as victims to identifying as survivors can be aided by remembering those who broke through the immobilizing chains of fear and going forward, wiser, gained strength in solidarity. Further facilitating the journey, this lecture will present four pathways connected by the art and science of hope and possibility. Dr. Bailey will bring attendees together to discover ways to bring their desired futures closer to reality and will challenge them to ask, “What if?”

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