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2017 PIE Awardees

The CSWE Partners in Advancing International Education (PIE) Awards Committee has selected an individual, a nonprofit organization, and a social work student to receive its 2017 awards. The PIE Awards Committee, which is part of CSWE’s Commission on Global Social Work Education, has chosen to recognize the following:

  • Individual: David Engstrom, PhD, MA, professor, graduate program coordinator, curriculum co-chair, San Diego State University
  • Nonprofit Organization: Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation
  • Student: Carlos A. Reyes-Ruiz, MSW, BS, University of Southern California

These awardees have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the field of international social work education. The PIE Awards will be presented at 8:45 am immediately preceding the Hokenstad International LectureThe lecture will take place during the CSWE Annual Program Meeting in Dallas, Texas on Friday, October 20, 8:45 am- 10:15 am in Lone Star B, Conference Center, 2nd Floor.