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Fordham University Teaching Modules

Graduate School of Social Service Ravazzin Center for Aging

Included here are three Teaching Modules related to substance use and older adults:

  1. Albert Morgan Case Study: Practice With Abusers of Alcohol and Other Substances Teaching Module
  2. Maria Santiago Case Study: Issues Related to Employment and Substance Abuse Teaching Module
  3. Susan Olin Case Study: Substance Abuse and Social Policies Teaching Module

The Teaching Modules offer:

  • Case study for discussion
  • Teaching Guide overview with key elements and themes
  • Homework and classroom activities
  • Classroom discussion questions
  • Listing of Gerontological Social Work Competencies for working with older adults
  • Background information sections
  • Extensive reference list
  • Resource materials list

Background information on the modules addresses: alcoholism, substance abuse, prevalence, early-versus-late-onset abuse, medication misuse, family issues, social and psychological issues, gender issues, physical changes in aging, medical consequences, risk factors, signs and symptoms of use/abuse in older adults, screening, and interventions with older adults around alcohol/substance abuse.