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New York University Teaching Modules

Modules for Substance Abuse and Mental Health in Older Adults

These training modules are intended as a way of exposing advanced MSW students to four important areas of gerontological social work: assessment of and intervention for depression in older adults, assessment of and intervention for substance abuse among older adults, working with the family of older adults, and clinical supervision on issues such as self-awareness and use of self in work with older adults.

Each module provides an overview of the topic and specific content to provide fundamental knowledge and skills in each area outlined. There is a vignette relevant to the content under discussion, followed by questions and exercises that will facilitate the application of this new material. Finally, there are resources for further learning and a brief survey regarding your thoughts about the module so we can evaluate its impact and improve it. Our hope is that this exposure to several facets of gerontological social work will motivate you to further explore and experience the challenges and rewards of work with older adults and their families.