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Rural Social Work Teaching Module

This 2-to-3 hour module assumes a basic knowledge of programs, services, and rural issues. The teaching module includes a classroom policy exercise, case study and questions, and a PowerPoint lecture with discussion points that include: an aging and substance abuse policy quiz, demographics, substance abuse paths, substance misuse and older adults, government roles in rural policy, White House Rural Policy 2009, rural preferences and beliefs, work and health, rural gender statistics, and sources for services. Also included are additional policy challenges, a service provider versus policy makers challenge classroom exercise, current innovations, as well as a listing of County Commission on Mental Health Limitations, and a reference list of articles and Web sites.

Competencies Addressed in This Module:

  1. Identification of how policies, regulations, and programs impact older adults and their caregivers, particularly among historically disadvantaged populations, such as women and elders of color.
  2. Ability to identify and develop strategies, including intergenerational approaches, to address service gaps, fragmentation, discrimination, and barriers that impact older persons.
  3. Identification of the availability of resources and resource systems for older adults and their families.
  4. Ability to identify ways to outreach to older adults and their families to ensure appropriate use of the service continuum, such as health promotion, long-term care, and mental health.