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Interdisciplinary Teamwork Teaching Module

This module provides a list of recommended readings and reference materials related to the social worker as part of an interdisciplinary team. It includes information about self-assessment and the multidisciplinary mental health team approach, the On-Lok Model for long-term care, team dynamics, educating professionals in teams, teamwork and satisfaction, assertive community treatment (ACT) for patients in rural areas, comprehensive geriatric assessment, geriatrics team care, long-term cost effects of collaborative care for late-life depression, chronic care in the future, and the interdisciplinary eHealth team.

Competencies Addressed in This Module:

  • Understanding of service values, theoretical perspectives, and ethical issues (including dilemmas) with older people.
  • Understanding of the service systems and array of services for older people (including gaps in services)
  • Ability to demonstrate collaboration skills and leadership with other disciplines in geriatric interdisciplinary practice with older adults and their caregivers in a variety of service settings, including public social services, adult protection, advocates, rehabilitation services, adult day health care, and hospice/palliative care.