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The materials contained within this Web page are offered as a resource for social work education and other professions. Their inclusion on the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) website should not be construed as having the endorsement of CSWE or the CSWE Commission on Accreditation (COA). Views expressed by contributors of these curriculum resources and the sources to which they refer are not necessarily those of CSWE. CSWE reserves the right to revise or amend the materials on this website, including these disclaimers and the policies and terms of this website, at any time at its discretion.


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Alvarez, A. R., Collins, K. S., Graber, H. V., & Lazzari, M. M. (2008). "What about women?" Historical perspectives on the CSWE Council on the Role and Status of Women in Social Work Education (Women's Council). Journal of Social Work Education, 44:1, 63-84 CSWE Members have F...
Flyer from the American Psychiatric Association, Office of Minority and National Affairs  
Published in 2010 by the American Humane Association & Migration and Child Welfare National Network.  
The curriculum is the product of a multi university collaboration launched to enhance the economic literacy of social work students and community social workers. The online curriculum includes information and resources that will strengthen the economic skills of students and p...
Annotated Bibliography on Identity as Affected by Disability contributed by Caroline L. Muster, LMSW.  
Video resources recommended by ACOSA members, some of which deal with diversity issues  

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