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Alcohol Use and an Older Adult Teaching Module

This teaching video illustrating an initial screening for alcohol and other drug use with an older adult woman is divided into three sections: Interview (approximately 9 minutes), CAGE questions (approximately 1 minute), and Michigan Alcoholism Screening Tests – Geriatric Version/long form (approximately 7 minutes). The video explores client symptoms and behaviors of unintentional medication misuse and low consumption of alcohol. Comparison of the CAGE and MAST-G responses illustrates the need for age-appropriate tools in screening and assessment. Teaching points, evaluation tools, discussion questions, and resources are offered. A script of the video is provided.

Advanced Competencies Addressed in This Module:

  1. Ability to engage, maintain rapport, and sustain effective working relationships with a wide range of older adults including those with behavior problems, mental illness, or dementia.
  2. Understanding of how to conduct a geriatric assessment of psychosocial factors.
  3. Conducting assessment and intervention strategies for substance/drug/alcohol abuse later in life.
  4. Application of concepts, theories, and research of biological, psychological, and social aging to social work assessment and intervention.
  5. Understanding of the effects and interactions of multiple chronic conditions, medication, nutrition, and sudden or ongoing causes of changes in cognitive states and functional capacity.
  6. Ability to relate social work perspectives and theories to practice with older adults (e.g., person-in-environment).

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Alcohol Use and an Older Adult

The client an older woman, named Mrs. Duffy is interviewed and speaks of changes in her life that changed her drinking habits.Mrs. Duffy was referred to the social work agency for a routine visit after a hip replacement. She voices concerns with her ability to manage pain related to her rehabilitation and her ability to sleep, especially to fall asleep. The video is divided into three sections: Interview (approximately 9 minutes); CAGE questions (approximately 1 minute) and Michigan Alcoholism Screening Tests –Geriatric Version/long form (approximately 7 minutes).