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Advanced Practice in Mental Health Settings Teaching Module

This teaching module, with PowerPoint, includes assigned readings and a video recommendation titled: "Improving Assessment & Management Of Dementia: How To Administer The Mini Mental Status Exam" (available from Terra Nova Films). It also includes a dyad class activity demonstrating administration of the Folstein Mini-Mental Status Exam and the Yesavage Geriatric Depression Scale. The Advanced Practice in Mental Health Settings module is focused on teaching students the distinctions among three mental health disorders that often accompany the aging process: dementia, depression, and delirium. Distinctions are made between depression accompanied with dementia and somatic presentations, particularly with Latino and Asian clients.

The accompanying PowerPoint covers dementia, reversible and irreversible, and includes: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body Dementia, Pick’s, Huntington’s, and Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease. It also covers changes, theories regarding causes, diagnosis of dementia, diagnostic tests, and stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Competencies Addressed in This Module:

  1. Ability to conduct differential mental health diagnosis regarding dementia, delirium, and depression with the interdisciplinary team using diagnostic tools that are appropriate for use with older adults (e.g., depression scale, Mini-Mental Status Exam).