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Aging in the New Age Teaching Module

This module includes demographics and physiological information related to the aging process across the lifespan, information related to assessment of ADLs and IADLs, and a readings and reference materials section with links to statistical and informational reports on aging as well as projections for aging demography as the baby-boomer generation nears retirement. Information is also included about health concerns and self-assessment related to aging issues.

Competencies Addressed in This Module:

  • Ability to conduct a basic geriatric assessment of psychosocial factors that affect older persons’ physical and mental well-being.
  • Ability to explore and understand the service systems and array of services for older people (including gaps in service).
  • Understanding of service values, theoretical perspectives, and ethical issues (including dilemmas) with older people.
  • Identification and assessment of one’s own values and biases regarding aging and, as necessary, dispelling myths related to aging.
  • Respect for diversity among older adult clients, families, and professionals (e.g., class, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation).