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Sexual Behaviors and Older Adults Teaching Module

This teaching module contains PowerPoint slides with teaching notes, a teaching script, and additional resource materials that include information related to sexuality. It discussed components of personality, myths about sexuality, facts for sex after 60, physical changes in both sexes, contributing factors to sexual dysfunction, sexual response cycle phases, sexual health assessment, treatment for issues, older adults and HIV/AIDS, nursing home placement, reasons for lack of sexual activity, LGBT Baby Boomers, and demographics. A quiz, discussion prompts, video recommendations, sample test questions, homework suggestions, in-class exercise on personal thoughts related to age and sexual behaviors, and an extensive reference and resource list are offered.

Competencies Addressed in This Module:

  • Understanding and directing the ways one’s own values and biases regarding aging impact professional practice and ethical work with older clients and their families, and the provision of aging health and mental health services
  • Integration into the practice of social work an understanding of the life experiences and unique needs of older adults belonging to specific racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups; of men and women; and of those with different sexual orientations
  • Ability to promote the well-being of older adults by actively campaigning for better services and policies