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Motivational Interviewing With Older Adults With Substance Abuse Problems Teaching Module

This PowerPoint addresses use of evidence-based motivational interviewing (MI), as brief, specifiable, and grounded in testable theory; generalizable across problem areas; complementary to other treatment methods; and verifiable. It offers basic interaction strategies and MI assumptions, and includes the following components of the MI spirit: autonomy, collaboration, and evocation. Skills include Open Questions, Affirming, Reflecting, and Summarizing (OARS). Also addressed are ways to elicit change talk (encompassing desire for change, ability to change, reasons for change, need for change, and commitment to change) and explorations of importance and confidence in change. The module also offers exploration of importance and confidence in change. A reference list of further reading is offered.

Motivational Interviewing With an Older Mexican American Woman

In this 3-part video, experts discuss principles and skills of Motivational Interviewing (MI), demonstrate MI with an older Mexican American woman engaged in risk drinking, and provide a debriefing of the intervention that elaborates on the skills and tools used in the demonstration.
Duration: 56 minutes (Segment 1 = 21 minutes; Segment 2 = 20 minutes; Segment 3 = 15 minutes)

Competencies Addressed in This Module:

  1. Ability to incorporate into treatment and service planning the relationship of race, ethnicity, and culture on health status, health belief, help-seeking behaviors, health practice (i.e., traditional medicine), and health outcomes.
  2. Awareness of conducting assessment and intervention strategies for substance/drug/alcohol abuse in later life.