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Resource Reviews

About the Resource Reviews 

The MAC Project Resource Reviews were developed for faculty who need to update their courses with quality, evidence-based resources on healthmental health, and substance use to prepare their students for our aging society. The MAC Project convened expert workgroups to consult with social work faculty to develop each Resource Review.
Overall, the Resource Reviews contain: 

  • An examination of the evidence-based knowledge in each advanced area.
  • A scan of current curriculum resources relevant to gerontological social work competencies in each specialty area.
  • A synthesis of the available knowledge to provide specific guidelines for social work educators to translate research findings into the advanced curriculum in each specialty area.


"Aging Baby boomers need competent social workers! We must prepare our students to work with them across all practice settings. But who has time to research the literature and create curricular materials with gerontological content? That’s why the Master’s Advanced Curriculum Project created Resource Reviews on aging and mental health, substance use, and health. A must for faculty who need quality, evidence-based resources to update their courses and meet the diverse needs of our aging society!” 

-Jeanne Marsh, PhD
Dean, School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago