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Ongoing evaluation is recommended for each HPPAE to document progress and outcomes, and to continuously improve the quality of your program. HPPAEs should evaluate their own program or join other programs in a multi-site evaluation. Evaluation will help you:

  • Assess whether your HPPAE is meeting your educational goals, including increased student knowledge and interest in aging, as well as practice competency
  • Generate empirical data to demonstrate effectiveness to current and potential funders and other stakeholders
  • Identify areas where the model could be improved or adapted
  • Examine stakeholder satisfaction with the program and its implementation
  •  Develop materials that can be used to market your HPPAE to prospective students, faculty, and agency staff
  • Inspire other practitioners in the field to learn from and adopt the model

The following evaluation instruments can be used in full or in part to help measure the impact of HPPAE:

Geriatric Social Work Competency Scale II With Life-Long Leadership Skills

  • This instrument is useful for measuring student perceptions of their social work skills and geriatric competency attainment. See Gero Competencies on our website for additional information.

HPPAE Institutional Impact Survey

  • This survey can help you assess the broader changes in your school resulting from HPPAE implementation.

HPPAE Career Tracking Survey

  • This survey can be used to assess the impact of the HPPAE on career choices and employment.