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HPPAE-VHA Partnership

A partnership with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) was launched in 2012 to expand the social work workforce caring for the increasing older veteran population. The HPPAE model has been initiated in 12 Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Centers (GRECCs) and three non-GRECC sites. 

GRECC locations include: Baltimore, MD; Bedford/Boston, MA; Birmingham, AL; Durham, NC; Gainesville, FL; Madison, WI; Nashville, TN; Palo Alto, CA; Pittsburgh, PA; Salt Lake City, UT; San Antonio, TX; and Seattle, WA.

Non-GRECC locations include: Northport VA Medical Center in Northport, NY; VA Medical Center in San Francisco, CA; and the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center in Charleston, SC.

HPPAE Spotlight

The VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System has operated a successful HPPAE for over 10 years. Click here to learn more about their program.