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Past Events

In 2007, the CSWE Gero-Ed Center held its first Gero-Ed Track within the CSWE Annual Program Meeting (APM). These pages archive documents from each of these meetings.

2017 Gero-Ed Track
2016 Gero-Ed Track

2015 Gero-Ed Track
2014 Gero-Ed Track
2013 Gero-Ed Track
2012 Gero-Ed Track
2011 Gero-Ed Track
2010 Gero-Ed Track
2009 Gero-Ed Track
2008 Gero-Ed Track
2007 Gero-Ed Track

From 2005 to 2007, a Gero-Ed Forum (originally called the National Gerontological Social Work Conference) was held each year. These meetings comprised intensive workshop sessions on gerontological social work issues. Documents from the Forums are archived here.

2007 Gero-Ed Forum
2006 Gero-Ed Forum
2005 National Gerontological Social Work Conference

From 2004 to 2007, the CSWE Gero-Ed Center held 1-day Gero-Ed Institutes to provide faculty participants with teaching resources on gerontological issues and practical suggestions for infusing gerontological competencies into foundation courses and field learning experiences. Addressing the adult learner, Gero-Ed Institutes were taught by Expert Trainers, who provided hands-on experiences revising course syllabi and using exercises, videos, case studies and other resources.