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2011 Gero-Ed Film Festival

Are you looking for engaging methods to teach aging in your courses? The Sixth Annual Gero-Ed Film Festival showcased aging-related films and documentaries on October 28–29, 2011. View the Film Festival Flyer (PDF) and find out How to Order (PDF) both new and classic films for your program. This year the Festival included films on mental health, dementia, successful aging, driving, grandparents caring for grandchildren, and substance abuse.

Audience Choice Award

Grandmother to Grandmother: New York to Tanzania

Audience Choice Award voters selected Grandmother to Grandmother: New York to Tanzania as the winner of the 2nd annual Audience Choice Award of the Gero-Ed Film Festival. The documentary, available in either 29 or 56 minute lengths, highlights grandmothers and grandchildren from Tanzania and the Bronx to show how inspired partnerships can create opportunities for renewal and hope. In Sub-Saharan Africa, AIDS has orphaned 13 million children. Across America, AIDS, drugs, and violence are wiping out a generation of parents, leaving millions of children behind.

The Audience Choice Award was offered at the 2011 Gero-Ed Film Festival. The winning film was determined by audience scores for content on aging; presentation; technical aspects; whether students would benefit from the film; and the portrayal of positive views of aging. For information on purchasing Grandmother to Grandmother for your classroom, check our Purchasing Information (MS Word) or the Old Dog Documentaries website.