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MSWs in the Making: MFP Master's Graduates 2021

The MFP is proud to share “MSWs in the Making,” a booklet that highlights the experience, interests, and career ambitions of our current cohort of master’s fellows. These 42 fellows are poised to make lasting impacts on individuals, groups, and communities through their post-MSW practice. As you explore their background information, please take a moment to consider ways in which fellows’ experiences and goals align with professional opportunities in your sphere.           

2020–2021 Minority Fellowship Program Master's Fellows

  1. Andrea Camacho de Anda, Arizona State University (AZ)
  2. Maria Carolina Izquiel, Boston College (MA)
  3. Raquel Puebla, California Baptist University (CA)
  4. Tania Carrillo, California State University, Fullerton (CA)
  5. Rwanda Carter, California State University, Fullerton (CA)
  6. Jacqueline Kristine Pantoja, California State University, Fullerton (CA)
  7. Juan Angel Gutierrez, California State University, Long Beach (CA)
  8. Tabari Zahir, California State University, San Bernardino (CA)
  9. Briana Fair, California State University, San Marcos (CA)
  10. Allison Ware, California State University, San Marcos (CA)
  11. Ashley Yerim Choi, Columbia University (NY)
  12. Alison Chou, Columbia University (NY)
  13. Regina Honorat, Columbia University (NY)
  14. Haley Kay Hepler, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (PA)
  15. Taren Payne, Hunter College of the City University of New York (NY)
  16. Anthony D. Jones, Jackson State University (MS)
  17. Maritza Alva, New York University (NY)
  18. Paula Susan McKenzie, New York University (NY)
  19. Aida Sidi, New York University (NY)
  20. Orlando R Solorza, New York University (NY)
  21. Irang Kim, North Carolina State University (NC)
  22. Ariana Arenas, San José State University (CA)
  23. Kara Haney, San José State University (CA)
  24. Jelwyn Agbayani, Seattle University (WA)
  25. Jamie Vo, Seattle University (WA)
  26. Christine Cantrell, State University of New York at Stony Brook (NY)
  27. Karolina Guzman, State University of New York at Stony Brook (NY)
  28. Araceli Gonzalez, University of California at Los Angeles (CA)
  29. Gabriela Martinez, University of Chicago (IL)
  30. Victoria Turner, University of Michigan (MI)
  31. Arie Hayre-Somuah, University of Pennsylvania (PA)
  32. Labibah Mazen Buraik, University of Saint Thomas (MN)
  33. Melanie Ashley Rosler, University of South Florida (FL)
  34. Hannah Lozano, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (TN)
  35. Stephanie Davila, University of Texas at Austin (TX)
  36. Juliana Smith, University of Texas at Austin (TX)
  37. Zuni A. Gonzalez, University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley (TX)
  38. Simon Rios, University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley (TX)
  39. Jessica Grace Broadbent, University of Utah (UT)
  40. Roberto Lara, University of Utah (UT)
  41. Roberto Godinez, University of Wisconsin-Madison (WI)
  42. Nancy Williams, Wayne State University (MI)