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Council on Social Work Education Technology Advisory Group 

Teaching with and Teaching about Technology

The Covid-19 pandemic created a significant impact on teaching and learning. In response, CSWE harnessed COVID-19 specific resources for members, mapped to the 2015 Educational and Accreditation Standards. The Technology Advisory Group (TAG) responded by creating a space to harness the knowledge, innovation, and advances in technology-centered resources; resources that address how educators teach with technology and teach about the use of technology in social work practice. 

We hope these resources are useful in your classrooms as we continue to learn how technology is within social work education. Questions regarding this page can be directed to Mumbi Mwaura, 

Resources for Social Work Learning in the Age of COVID-19

Laura Nissen, PhD, LMSW, CADC IIIlaura_nissen_600-(4).jpg
Portland State University 

Developed and curated by Dr. Nissen, this resource is a living document that provides curricular topics and resources in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The resource can be used in the classroom to spark thinking and action. This initiative is part of Dr. Nissen's ongoing work on the future of the social work profession chronicled at

Resource mapped to Competencies 1–9.

Nissen, L. (2020). Resources for social work learning in the age of COVID-19. Published online.

Social Workers on the Front Lines of COVID-19: Social Work and Social Justice Perspectives                           


LauraAbrams_and_AlanDettlaff.pngLaura Abrams, PhD
University of California, Los Angeles

Alan Dettlaff, PhD
University of Houston

The Graduate College of Social Work, University of Houston and the University of California, Los Angeles Department of Social Welfare collaborated to interview alumni of their respective programs to highlight their work in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

There are a total of 16 interviews, with videos housed the respective programs page. Experiences vary across populations and settings, and interviewees discuss the challenges and highlights during unprecedented times.  

The videos can be accessed using the following links:
Graduate College of Social Work, University of Houston 
University of California, Los Angeles Luskin Social Welfare

Resources mapped to Competency 3.

Conversations on COVID-19: Social Work and Social Justice Perspectives. (2020).

UCLA Luskin. (2020). UCLA Alumni Social Workers on the Front Lines of COVID-19 [Video].

Public Health Social Work 101

Cederbaum_2_thumb-(1).jpgJulie Cederbaum, PhD, MPH, MSW
University of Southern Calirfornia 

Julie Cederbaum shared Public Health Social Work 101 as part of a variety of public health social work resources for teaching COVID-adapted social determinants of health for practice, policy, & research. Visit the CSWE Spark community to learn more.

Public Health Social Work 101 introduces the core concepts of public health social work. This resource is provided by the Boston University School of Social Work’s Center for Innovation in Social Work and Health and is part of the Advancing Leadership in Public Health Social Education Toolkit.

Resource mapped to Competency 4

Ruth, B., Wachman, M. (2019). Public Health Social Work 101. (PowerPoint slides). Retrieved from