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Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice

Chair: Michael A. Robinson (University of Georgia)
APM Assignment: 2018–2021

Co-chair: Bronwyn Cross-Denny (Sacred Heart University)
APM Assignment: 2020–2022

The Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice Track examines how social forces interact at multiple levels to foster or inhibit the creation of a socially just and inclusive society. Economic, social, political, cultural, discursive, institutional, among other forces are appropriate content to address. This track includes empirical and conceptual scholarship that examines, theorizes and critiques current unjust conditions on many levels and advances theories, models, and practices that promote social, economic, and environmental justice. It is also interested in critically interrogating the historical and current role of social work in promoting social, economic, and environmental justice.  Special attention is given to those populations who have experienced discrimination and marginalization. Implications for social work education (knowledge base, pedagogy, and student engagement), practice, and research are clearly articulated.