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APM Archives

CSWE continues to celebrate accomplishments of past Annual Program Meetings and will be maintaining an online archive for each year. This includes but is not limited to overall improvements, special events, important contributors, the final program, presentation archives Web site, and more.

APM Venue

Decision Process for CSWE Annual Program Meeting (APM) Venue

Using best business practices adopted by the Convention Industry Council for those managing events in a wide range of venues, CSWE staff determine APM requirements, including physical space to accommodate attendance and educational programming needs.

  1. Through a request for proposal process, CSWE staff invite up to five properties to submit proposals for the APM.
  2. CSWE staff complete a review of the proposals against prior determined criteria.
  3. CSWE staff conduct a site visit to rank order the proposed venues.
  4. CSWE staff obtain input from the CSWE Council on Conferences and Faculty Development (CCFD) using the findings collected in the review process.
  5. CSWE staff, working with its housing subcontractor, conduct and complete contractual negotiations with the selected venue.

The CCFD is broadly representative of the CSWE membership and acts as the filter for matters of concern to the membership that must be taken into consideration in the decision-making process. Other CSWE Councils and Commissions may also be consulted where there are particular issues that have emerged in the process of review and negotiation. It has been noted that CSWE venues are not determined solely because they are friendly to social work education. The presence of the APM in a less-friendly environment may be seen as an opportunity to promote diversity of viewpoint and stimulate critical analysis of an issue.