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CSWE Full Circle April 2012

Volume 2012, Issue 4

Elevating Equality to National Levels

On March 27 approximately 150 women and men (including CSWE President Mildred Joyner) participated in a White House Briefing on Vision 2020, which is a national initiative developed by the Institute for Women's Health and Leadership at Drexel University College of Medicine to make equality a national priority through shared leadership among women and men. During the event participants heard from top Obama Administration officials about policies and actions taken by the president to achieve equality for women. A variety of topics were covered during the briefing, including education and civil rights issues impacting women and girls, policies relating to women in the workplace, women’s business ownership, and the effects of federal budget constraints on women and families. A summary of the briefing is available at Vision 2020's White House Briefing on Women's Issues.