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CSWE's Minority Fellowship Program Announces 2016-2017 Master's Cohort


The Council on Social Work Education’s (CSWE’s) Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) is pleased to announce the third Now is the Time: MFP-Youth Master’s Student Cohort. The fellowship for advanced social work master’s students is funded by a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The fellowship offers financial and other supports to direct-practice focused students who are committed to providing mental health services to at-risk children, adolescents, and young adults aged 16–25 in underserved minority communities. The name and university of each member of the MFP-Youth (MFP-Y) 2016–2017 cohort follows.

  1. McEllen Alfred, University of Louisville
  2. Jessica Attas, University of Chicago
  3. Alyssa Budros, University of Maryland, Baltimore
  4. K. Tajhi Claybren, University of Chicago
  5. Terrill Coles, Howard University
  6. Neshea Cundiff, University of Tennessee
  7. Rukiya Davis, University of Maryland, Baltimore
  8. Elle de la Cruz, University of California, Berkeley
  9. Wilza Descardes, Columbia University
  10. Jennifer Escobar, University of Chicago
  11. Katie Esser, University of Maryland, Baltimore
  12. Fernando Gonzalez III, Erikson Institute
  13. Natali Gutierrez , University of South Florida
  14. Emily Hanlon, The Ohio State University
  15. Eva Hodosy, University of Connecticut
  16. Simone Ingram, Dominican University 
  17. Whitney Johnson, California State University, Fullerton
  18. Luis Juarez, University of Southern California
  19. Emily Karpinski, The University of Texas at Austin
  20. Brittani Kindle, University of Chicago
  21. Felicia Knox, University of Michigan
  22. Nga Wing Lau, Lehman College
  23. R. "Micky" Mack, California State University, Long Beach
  24. Erica Nellessen, University of Southern California
  25. Alexandria Okeke, University of Pennsylvania
  26. Jessica Orellana, University of Southern California
  27. Khushbu Patel, University of Chicago
  28. Pennyrose Perez, University of Oklahoma
  29. Veronica Philipsborn, University of Chicago
  30. Annette Popernik, University of Illinois
  31. Brenda Reavis, University of Chicago
  32. Pablo David Rodriguez, University of Pennsylvania
  33. Erica Salazar-Greenstein, University of Denver
  34. Jessica Tapia, Loyola University Chicago
  35. Karissa Viebeck, Rutgers University
  36. Kira White, University of Pennsylvania
  37. Jason Woodford, University of Maryland, Baltimore
  38. Kotrish Wright, Florida State University
  39. Mikhael Yitref, University of Chicago

For more information about MFP-Y, visit the website link or contact