Join the National Social Work Workforce Study


Your Master's of Social Work (MSW) program and future MSW graduates are invited to be a part of the National Workforce Initiative, the only national research survey of recent social work graduates and study of the social work workforce. Help us gather invaluable, accurate information that will be analyzed and shared with the social work community and beyond.

What’s in it for our program?

  • Receive a program level report of the 2019 workforce study report,* including information on the backgrounds and education of new graduates, types of jobs they are taking, and their experiences in the job market.
    • As shown in this example, the report provides relevant data about your program's graduates compared to other programs' graduates based on region and auspice.
  • Be part of a national research initiative that will inform future students, faculty members, and the social work community
  • Receive data to align curricula and policies with the needs of the social work practice environment

What’s in it for graduates?

  • Chance to receive gift cards for participation
  • Contribute to the effort of raising the profile and value of social workers in all settings
  • Participation informs the social work education community and other stakeholders about graduates’ plans and experience in the workforce postgraduation

What’s in it for our profession?

  • Gathers data on the critical role social workers play to improve the standing of the profession
  • Provides information on capacity and curriculum needs
  • Tracks social work career pathways
If your MSW program is interested in being part of the workforce study, please sign up here or contact Ed Salsberg ( To be included in the survey, your program must provide a list of e-mail addresses for your 2019 graduates. Survey responses will be held in confidence, and the survey will be approved by the George Washington University Institutional Review Board.
We hope you’ll join us in collecting this important, invaluable data!

Are you interested in past workforce reports? View the latest report on 2018 graduates and other data briefs on specific topics here.

*Your program must garner a minimum of 30 student respondents to receive this benefit.