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JSWE Call for Submissions: Special Issue

—Deadline extended to August 24, 2020—

Teaching, Field Instruction, and Administration in the Time of Pandemic or Natural Disaster

Co-editors: Dr. Danielle Parrish (Baylor University; editor-in-chief, JSWE) and Dr. Cristina Mogro-Wilson (University of Connecticut)

The Journal of Social Work Education invites submissions for a special issue titled "Teaching, Field Instruction, and Administration in the Time of Pandemic or Natural Disaster" to be published in spring 2021.

Social work administrators, faculty members, staff members, students, and field instructors across the United States and abroad have had to respond quickly as the COVID-19 pandemic has spread. Social work administrators have made decisions about how faculty members, staff members, and students could proceed with social work educational activities, including admissions and field placement. Many social work deans, directors, and chairs have also made decisions about proper social distancing and how meetings and work could be conducted for the rest of the semester or quarter. Social work educators have had to transition from fully face-to-face courses to online courses. Social work field directors, staff members, and field instructors have quickly devised ways to finish field hours considering the need for social distancing. Meanwhile, students, educators, and staff members may also be dealing with disaster or pandemic related anxiety, trauma, and loss that affect learning and teaching.

Considering these changes and other challenges (e.g., educators and students working from home with their children home from school, the mass loss of jobs), important decisions have been made about how to work toward educational objectives in unprecedented circumstances. Although a pandemic is unlikely to happen more than once in a lifetime, similar educational disruptions have occurred due to natural disasters. This special issue presents an opportunity to share research and lessons learned from this experience as well as from other recent natural disasters.

Article Topics

This special issue calls for articles that illustrate best practices and lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and prior natural disasters to inform social work education when faced with similar educational disruptions. Specifically, we invite empirical articles, conceptual or literature review papers highlighting best practices, and teaching notes. We are particularly interested in collaborative papers across institutions (e.g., field directors from multiple institutions) but also welcome articles from single institutions. We hope to obtain a range of articles from the perspectives of social work education administrators, faculty members, field directors, staff members, and students.

How to Submit

Manuscripts will be accepted via online submission until August 24, 2020, or until submissions have reached a maximum number. Co-editors for this special issue are Danielle Parrish, JSWE editor-In-chief, and Cristina Mogro-Wilson, JSWE Editorial Advisory Board member. Questions regarding the special issue can be directed to Dr. Parrish at