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USWE_Winter2013cover.jpgMost Recent Issue

VOLUME Volume 54
NUMBER Issue 4


The most recently published issue of the Journal of Social Work Education is the 2018 fall edition (volume 54, number 4). Below are listed this issue's titles and authors. CSWE members may access JSWE articles online without charge. Nonmembers may search the database by author, title, or keyword; view abstracts; and purchase articles.


  • From the Editor—Reflections on Mid-terms, Yaffe
  • Do MSW Programs Address Teen Dating Violence Content?, Black & Ombayo
  • A Virtual Field Practicum: Building Core Competencies Prior to Agency Placement, Phillips, Wood, Yoo, Ward, Hsiao, Singh, & Morris
  • Latino Immigrants in a New Destination State: A Qualitative Study of Provider Experiences, Held, McCabe, & Thomas
  • Perceptions of Self-Care Among MSW Students: Implications for Social Work Education, Diebold, Kim, & Elze
  • Supporting Field-Based Education in Political Settings, Pritzker & Lane
  • Students’ Experiences of Microaggressions in an Urban MSW Program, Wong & Jones
  • Challenges, Barriers, and Opportunities: Social Workers With Disabilities and Experiences in Field Education, Kiesel, DeZelar, & Lightfoot
  • Teaching Note—Developing a Professional Writing Course Using a Holistic View of Competence, Miller, Grise-Owens, Drury, & Rickman
  • Research Note—Multiple Time Point Course Evaluation and Student Learning Outcomes in an MSW Course, Nguyen & Foster

Special Section on Practices and Policies for Doctoral Education and Leadership
Guest Editors: Cynthia Franklin, Elizabeth Lightfoot, & Sheryl Zimmerman

  • Introduction to the Special Section—Practices and Policies for Doctoral Education and Leadership, Franklin, Lightfoot, & Zimmerman
  • Social Work Doctoral Program Administration: Current Status, Information Needs, and Capacity to Address Persistent Critiques, McGovern & Zimmerman
  • Doctoral Education in Social Work: The Decade Ahead, Howard, Fraser, & Bowen
  • Investigating Diversity in Social Work Doctoral Education in the United States, Chin, Hawkins, Krings, Peguero-Spencer, & Gutiérrez
  • Research Productivity of Social Work PhD Candidates Entering the Academic Job Market: An Analysis of Pre- and Postadmission Productivity Indicators, Cunningham-Williams, Wideman, Fields, & Jones
  • Cultivating a Research Tool Kit for Social Work Doctoral Education, Kainz, Jensen, & Zimmerman