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USWE_Winter2013cover.jpgMost Recent Issue

RELEASE DATE Winter 2020
VOLUME Volume 56
NUMBER Issue 1


The most recently published issue of the Journal of Social Work Education is the 2020 winter edition (volume 56, number 1). Below are listed this issue's titles and authors. CSWE members may access JSWE articles online without charge. Nonmembers may search the database by author, title, or keyword; view abstracts; and purchase articles.


  • From the Editor—Message From the New Editor-in-Chief: Hope and Possibility on the Horizon, Parrish
  • Examining the Place of Emotions, Affect, and Regulation in Social Work Education, Sewell
  • The Social Worker as Language Worker in a Multilingual World: Educating for Language Competence, Hall & Valdiviezo
  • The Impact of Self-Compassion on Cultural Competence: Results From a Quantitative Study of MSW Students, Gottlieb, & Shibusawa
  • The Challenge of Integrating Social Justice Content Into Social Work Education: Making the Abstract More Concrete, Funge, Crutchfield, & Jennings
  • “Social Workers Can’t Be Republicans”: Engaging Conservative Students in the Classroom, Lerner
  • Examining Relationships Among Student Empowerment, Sense of Community, and the Implicit Curriculum: A Multigroup Analysis of Race and Ethnicity, McMahon, Peterson, Farmer, & Miller
  • A Pathway for Native American Students to Access a Mainstream University for Social Work Education, Bordelon & Atkinson
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Social Service Organizations: Implications for Community Partnerships and Social Work Education, Cano
  • Thinking and Thinking About Thinking: A Qualitative Study of Learning in a Process-Centric Teaching Model, Miller & Topple
  • Virtual Reality and Computer Simulation in Social Work Education: A Systematic Review, Huttar & BrintzenhofeSzoc
  • Development and Validation of a Field Evaluation Instrument to Assess Student Competency, Rowe, Kim, Chung, & Hessenauer
  • Social Work Dissertation Committee Chairs’ Perceptions of Their Role, Mirick, Davis, & Wladkowski
  • Teaching Note—Pick Your Platform: Social Media Advocacy Skill Building, Gilster, Kleinschmit, Cummings, & Ronnenberg
  • Teaching Note—Beyond the Binary: Addressing Cisnormativity in the Social Work Classroom, Shelton & Dodd
  • Teaching Note—Taking Social Work Undergraduates Inside: The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program, Smoyer
  • Field Note—Engaging Social Work Interns in Reflective Practice: A Specialized Training Series for Field Instructors, Shea
  • Field Note—Exploring the Use of Arts-Informed Journaling in Social Work Field Seminars, Capous-Desyllas & Bromfield