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JSWE Editorial Advisory Board

The Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) of the Journal of Social Work Education (JSWE) consists of five members whose terms are 3 years each. The EAB is charged with strategic support for JSWE and the editor-in-chief by studying and proposing policies and procedures, offering ideas and suggestions, and considering specific questions as needed; soliciting manuscripts on particular topics or at meetings and symposia; promoting JSWE; and helping to develop content by assisting potential authors in bringing concepts to fruition as final manuscripts, identifying potential reviewers, and reviewing proposals for special topic issues.

Joanne Yaffe
Editor-in-Chief,  2017–2019
University of Utah

Danielle E. Parrish
Associate Editor
Baylor University

Tanya Brice
Benedict College

Cristina Mogro-Wilson
University of Connecticut

Frances Nedjat-Haiem
New Mexico State University

Elizabeth Pomeroy
University of Texas at Austin