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About Us

Founded in 1952, the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) is the national association representing social work education in the United States. Its members include over 750 accredited baccalaureate and master’s degree social work programs, as well as individual social work educators, practitioners, and agencies dedicated to advancing quality social work education. Through its many initiatives, activities, and centers, CSWE supports quality social work education and provides opportunities for leadership and professional development, so that social workers play a central role in achieving the profession’s goals of social and economic justice. CSWE’s Commission on Accreditation is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation as the sole accrediting agency for social work education in the United States and its territories.

What's New

CSWE Hires New Vice President of Education
As the Council welcomes Tanya Smith Brice, it also recognizes a decade of accreditation leadership from Mary Deffley Kurfess
CSWE recently welcomed Tanya Smith Brice, PhD, MSW as the vice president of education. Smith Brice brings extensive leadership and expertise in higher education and social work to CSWE and will lead the organization’s pursuit of promoting quality education and supporting the career development of students, faculty members, and administrators.

CSWE Promotes Research Findings Over the Airwaves
Using radio interviews to discuss the importance of social work and facts from the 2020 workforce report
CSWE President and CEO Darla Spence Coffey, PhD, MSW, spread awareness of a key finding from CSWE’s recent National Workforce Initiative report in radio programs and podcasts in major markets across the country. She also used these interviews to educate listeners on how in-demand social workers are and how to get started in a career in social work. 
CSWE, NASW, and George Washington University Fitzhugh Mullan Institute for Health Workforce Equity released findings from three years of surveys of new social workers. The report presents a comprehensive view of where and how social workers are serving clients and communities across the country.

Survey Shows Black Social Work Students Face Higher Costs Than Others
New Report Provides Insights Into New Social Workers’ Demographics, Income, and Job Satisfaction
The costs to become a social worker are higher for Black students than White students, according to a new report. The Social Work Profession: Findings from Three Years of Surveys of New Social Workers provides a look at new social workers’ demographic and educational backgrounds, the types of jobs they are taking, the populations they are serving, their experiences in the job market, and their satisfaction with their new jobs.