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Bylaws and Policies

Bylaws: June 26, 2018

CSWE provides national leadership and collective action designed to ensure the preparation and continued growth of competent and committed social work professionals. This includes promoting and maintaining the quality of social work educational programs and stimulating the development of knowledge, practice, and service effectiveness designed to promote social justice and further community and individual well-being. More information about CSWE's purpose can be found in its bylaws (PDF) that were updated in June 26, 2018.

  • Memorandum of Understanding: February 10, 2012

    A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the CSWE Board of Directors and the CSWE Commission on Accreditation (COA) was signed on February 10, 2012. This MOU (PDF) affirms the Board's role in approving educational policy, but it delegates to the COA the sole authority to develop and adopt accreditation standards. Reference in the MOU to the COA February 10, 2012 Resolution is located here.

Affirmative Action Policy and Plan

The Council on Social Work Education is committed to an affirmative action policy that permeates the entire organization and reflects the diversity of its membership. The Affirmative Action Policy applies to all areas and activities as reflected in the composition of staff, elected and appointed voluntary positions, and vendors. CSWE makes specific, continuous efforts to ensure diversity in all areas, with particular attention to the inclusion of persons from historically underrepresented and marginalized groups.

For more information see the full Affirmative Action Policy and Plan (PDF). The most recent report is available 2017-2018 Affirmative Action Report (PDF).