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Commission on Global Social Work Education

The Commission on Global Social Work Education works with other international organizations to promote international programs and projects and to develop the international dimension of social work curricula.

This commission has two councils and two committees:

Council on Global Social Issues
Council on Global Learning and Practice

Committee on Environmental Justice
Committee on Human Rights

Commission's Charge

The commission's charge, as per the CSWE bylaws, includes the following:

  • Further the international/global agenda of CSWE
  • Assist in the growth and development of the Katherine A. Kendall Institute for International Social Work Education (KAKI)
  • Provide leadership to the organization in global social work education and research
  • Collaborate with complementary international organizations
  • Encourage the development and inclusion of an international dimension in social work curricula


Global-Focused Events at APM
View a list of global events at the 2018 Annual Program Meeting. 

Annual Reports
A review of recent activities can be found in the Commission's 
Report to the Board of Directors, Mar 2019.