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A Guide for Interprofessional Collaboration



AUTHOR Edited by Aidyn L. Iachini, Laura R. Bronstein, and Elizabeth Mellin
COPYRIGHT November 7, 2018
ISBN 978-0-87293-178-7

Social workers are increasingly embracing interprofessional teams as a strategy to tackle interrelated social issues across systems. Despite its promise, however, effective interprofessional collaboration can be difficult to realize in practice. Profession-driven differences related to training, terminology, and role perceptions can make collaboration a daunting task, along with conflicts over power and status and misperceptions about professional roles and responsibilities. A Guide for Interprofessional Collaboration helps students and practitioners develop the skills necessary to engage in interprofessional collaborative practice. Edited by leading researchers, the workbook uses Bronstein’s Model of Interdisciplinary Collaboration as a framework. Case examples, practice tips, and multimedia links make this workbook a useful tool for traditional, hybrid, and online courses, as well as for independent learning and continuing education.

Ebook available on ProQuest; available for Kindle on Amazon