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Celebrating Social Work: Faces and Voices of the Formative Years


AUTHOR Elizabeth Wichers DuMez, Photographs by Donato Sardella
TITLE Celebrating Social Work: Faces and Voices of the Formative Years
COPYRIGHT January 1, 2003
ISBN 0-87293-104-8

Elizabeth Wichers DuMez and Donato Sardella have synthesized into this splendent collection the diverse experiences of exemplary social workers whose lives honor the passion and commitment of the profession. Celebrating Social Work spans seven decades of the profession’s development, capturing 51 visual and oral portraits of accomplished practitioners and educators. Through each personal narrative, social work’s mission and wide-ranging contributions to social justice and community well-being unfold. These individuals describe the circumstances, experiences, and relationships that have informed their own careers and laid the foundation of social work as it is practiced today. As a reflection of more than 100 years of value-based service, Celebrating Social Work presents a compelling image of a robust and diverse profession that makes and changes history.

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