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Creating A New Profession: The Beginnings of Social Work Education


AUTHOR Leslie Leighninger
TITLE Creating a New Profession: The Beginnings of Social Work Education
COPYRIGHT Jan 01, 2000
ISBN 0-87293-076-9

This text gathers original materials to tell how the social work profession began in the United States through efforts to create organized training and scientific knowledge. While many of the names and texts may be familiar to social work educators, students, and practitioners alike, they are often only briefly mentioned in social work texts. This book provides readers the full flavor of social work pioneers' ideas, aspirations, and enthusiasm for a new profession. In the seminal texts collected in this volume, readers will also find much that resonates with discussions in social work education today, including an emphasis on research, field work, and keeping up with new techniques and technology. The significance of race and gender is also highlighted, as is the ongoing search for balance between client-centered and societal perspectives.