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Indigenous and Tribal Content

The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) is committed to achieving social justice and equity for Indigenous Peoples in ways that respect their ancient cultures and sovereign rights and that address a legacy of colonization and oppression. Social work education strives to prepare tomorrow’s practitioners to effect social change for all people. With humility, we recognize and respect all Indigenous Peoples and their ties to the land.

Read CSWE's Full Land Acknowledgement 

CSWE, the Indigenous and Tribal Social Work Educators Association, and the Commission on Diversity and Social & Economic Justice have collaborated on this Land Acknowledgment Statement to raise awareness of the global truth and reconciliation movement addressing historical and systemic issues of Indiegenous Peoples.

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A Reflection on the Importance of Land Acknowledgment Statements

Rebecca Maldonado Moore, PhD, LMSW

Land acknowledgment statements are part of the truth and reconciliation movement to address mistreatment of Indigenous Peoples across the globe. Read Dr. Maldonado Moore's personal reflections on the significance of land acknowledgment statements.