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Baccalaureate Programs

Chair: Jason Newell (University of Montevallo)
APM Assignment: 2020–2022

Co-chair: Amy Traylor (University of Alabama)
APM Assignment: 2020–2022

The purpose of this Track is to showcase the impact of baccalaureate social work education and the BSW/BSSW experience in the classroom, in the practice community, and in graduate education. It demonstrates baccalaureate social work education in the areas of (1) curriculum and field instruction, (2) leadership, (3) evaluation and research, and (4) social work pedagogy as they are relevant to the advancement of social work. This Track seeks to convey information that examines and supports baccalaureate social work education as the foundation for social work practice and education. Proposals submitted should also examine or analyze the role and importance of undergraduate social work education as a mechanism for promoting social and economic justice and social change.