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Individual Membership Categories and Dues

Choose what's best for you from the following membership categories. These membership dues categories and rates are effective starting July 1, 2012.

Membership Category


Full Member: Faculty and Administrators

Faculty and Administrator Members consist of persons holding paid faculty, administrative or managerial appointments in programs accredited by CSWE and those programs in candidacy status.


Full Member: Individual

Individual Members consist of individuals affiliated with national, state, local, voluntary, public social welfare agencies, and other professional social work organizations, field instructors with educational responsibilities for students in social work undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as others who wish to support social work education through membership in CSWE.


Associate Member: Emeritus*

Emeritus Members consist of emeritus faculty or administrators from CSWE accredited programs and those programs in candidacy status.


Associate Member: Student (Two Levels)*

Undergraduate/Graduate at $55 or Doctoral at $95

  • Student Members consist of full-time and part-time students. A student member cannot hold a full-time professional position. Student enrollment verification will be required for each student membership application and renewal.
  • Documentation of 1) student enrollment status with projected graduation date and 2) confirmation the student does not hold a full-time academic appointment is to be sent to the mailbox.
  • Confirmation of student membership will be sent after review of the required documentation.

$55 or $95

Associate Member: Associate Organization*

Associate Organization Members consist of agencies, institutions, professional libraries and library associations, and other organizations interested in social work education.


* Non-voting Membership Category