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CSWE Press

CSWE Press publishes book and nonprint resources that address the needs of social work educators in the areas of the philosophy, theory, and practice of teaching; the process and evaluation of learning; and the organization and structure of social work education. CSWE Press also publishes materials that explore practice issues as they relate to social work curricula and field work. Browse CSWE Press books alphabetically by title or see a complete list of DVDs.

Recent Publications

  • Practicing as a Social Work Educator in International Collaboration, edited by Alice K. Butterfield and Carol S. Cohen. The editors offer Six Promising Principles to guide successful practice by social work educators in international settings, including research, travel and study programs, technical assistance and training, and interdisciplinary efforts. These principles inform the content, which illuminates the specific role of U.S. social work educators in international efforts that stem, in part, from their academic positions.
  • Advancing Human Rights in Social Work Educationedited by Kathryn R. Libal, S. Megan Berthold, Rebecca L. Thomas, and  Lynne M. Healy. A host of scholars address curriculum development and teaching methodologies for integrating human rights into social work education. Also included are ideas for course design and teaching strategies and ample reference material, such as specialized treaties of specific relevance to social work, country and shadow reports, and complaint mechanisms.
  • Using Simulation in Assessment and Teaching: OSCE for Social Work, by Marion Bogo, Mary A. Rawlings, Ellen Katz, and Carmen Logie. The authors offer a new approach that approximates authentic social work practice tasks: the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) adapted for social work. Based on the work of two research teams and the extensive experience of the authors, this book provides all the resources necessary for programs to develop and implement the OSCE. In addition to a wealth of practical material in the appendices, two videos produced especially for this book (accessible online) show the OSCE process step-by-step.