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Education Resources

The Education Resources section serves as a compendium of resources intended to help programs and faculty members in curriculum development and assessment activities. Resource materials include advanced practice knowledge and practice behaviors related to the Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS), syllabi, bibliographies, case studies, assessment tools, and videos for use in the classroom.

The search option below allows users to search for member curated resources. We hope to continue to expand this collection with the help of members with expertise in specific areas of practice. CSWE members who are logged into the website may submit a resource by selecting the  "Education Resources Contribution" tab on the lefthand portion of this page. 

Additional tabs on the left of the screen link to CSWE curated resources. 

Special Features

Below are additional resources available to our members: our 2015 EPAS Curricular Guide Resource Series; CSWE's Teaching with and Teaching about Technology; the Educator|Resource of the Month, provided by the Center for Diversity & Social & Economic Justice; and substance use resources from the Practitioner Education in Substance Use Disorders initative. To learn more, click an image to be redirected to the corresponding page.

Specialized Practice Curricular Guide for Substance Use Social Work Practice

2015 EPAS Curricular Guides

Technology Advisory Group (TAG)

Technology Advisory Group (TAG)

Educator | Resource of the Month

Educator | Resource of the Month

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December 16, 2015

Physical Activity

PowerPoint for Health Promotion and Aging Teaching Module Section 5
December 11, 2015

University at Albany Teaching Modules

Albany offers full teaching modules are offered in the following areas: 1) social work intervention in alcohol and drug abuse, 2) mental health practice, 3) substance abuse policies and services, and 4) rural social work. They also offer mini modules in the areas of: 1) grief ...
November 10, 2015

Women and Aging Teaching Module

This module presents a comprehensive but concise overview of the social, economic and health status of older women along with suggested readings.
November 10, 2015

Technology and Aging Teaching Module

This module contains materials that may be incorporated into lectures or presentations to help students understand how to assess and present to older adults and their families a range of health, monitoring, and connectivity technologies. 
May 01, 2015

Adelphi University Teaching Modules

Adelphi created teaching modules related to health, mental health and substance use containing PowerPoint slides, case studies, and additional readings. They also created modules for field instructors in non-gero, mental health, and substance use settings.
January 06, 2015

Administration on Aging Teaching Module

A complete module faculty can use to teach students about the Administration on Aging. Includes lecture notes, classroom exercises, media resources, student background readings, a case vignette, and other teaching resources.
April 08, 2014

Module: Teaching Resource on Spirituality and Mental Health Recovery: Insights From the Art and Words of Consumers of Mental Health Services

Module enhances students' understanding of the role of spiritual and religious insights and resources in promoting mental health recovery by reflecting on the artwork and essays created by mental health services consumers.
June 04, 2013

Psychotic Disorders and Older Adults Teaching Module

This teaching module contains PowerPoint slides with teaching notes, a teaching script, and additional resource materials that include information related to DSM-IV class psychotic disorders.
June 04, 2013

Social Work Interventions for Dementia, Depression, Delirium and Mental Health Conditions Teaching Module

This PowerPoint teaching module addresses symptoms and interventions for psychiatric conditions including psychotic, cognitive, personality and mood disorders.

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