Annual Survey of Social Work Programs

2018 Plans

For decades, CSWE has collected valuable data that is used to inform policy, identify issues and trends, and assist in social work education research through the Annual Survey of Social Work Programs. Over the years, data collection strategies have changed. To adapt to these changes and the evolving landscape of social work education, CSWE plans to revamp the Annual Survey.

Instead of the traditional annual survey usually launched in November, CSWE will survey members in spring 2019 for feedback on CSWE’s research initiatives. This survey—for individual and program members—will help us learn more about what members need and want from CSWE’s research department. Programs will still be asked to report basic information, including enrollment and graduation numbers, to determine membership dues and provide links to assessment outcomes for accreditation. The survey’s launch date is forthcoming. 

CSWE will also conduct a trend analysis of data collected for the past 10 years, which will provide an overview of multiyear data on social work education. This analysis will help determine emerging trends in social work education over the past decade. A report on the trend analysis will be released in 2019. CSWE will continue to collaborate with the Leadership Roundtable and George Washington University Health Workforce on the National Workforce Initiative

We look forward to enhancing our research initiatives to equip our members with the information needed to make high-level decisions efficiently and prepare for the future of social work education.
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2017 Annual Survey

The 2017 Annual Statistics on Social Work Education in the United States is now available. Past Annual Survey data can be found on the Research Briefs and Publications page.  

The Annual Survey data is used for making policy decisions and for advocacy and research. The information gathered about graduates is used in calculating program member dues for 2018. If you have any questions about the survey, feel free to e-mail the research staff. Links to reference copies of the survey can be found at the right of this page.

View Your Program's Past Annual Survey Submissions

Member programs can access their past Annual Survey submissions. If you would like an electronic copy of your submission, contact